Friday, April 15, 2011

my current location

i am not in malaysia at the moment... this entry is written from somewhere in a far far away land, ngehehehe...

alrite, i'm in syria now. it has been 3 days since we departed on wednesday. saya sggh seronok...dan sihat... dan selamat... things in syria is not as what we've seen in the news... so far everything is ok, xnpk lg huru hara as what we've read in the newspaper.

being in a foreign country makes me realize how grateful i m for what we have in our own country. even cuaca yg kdg2 kita complaint "oh pnsnye" or "oh...knp la hujan", rs nye that's the best gift Allah bg utk rkyt Msia. i've only been to this foreign land for 2days tp bibir & tapak tgn dh kering. tandanye, cuaca sini terlalu kering.

membeli belah di syria pki syrian pound. but they do accept US dollars, and that's the currency that i have wit me. mari kita lihat ye... aiskrem USD1, air mineral botol besar USD1, buah zaitun USD10 per kilo (ini tak tau nk kata murah ke mahal). kesimpulannya di bumi syria ni i tak tau whether untung/x i beli brg2, hahaha... jdnye, tak beli apa2 lgsg kecuali buah zaitun tu.

ptg smlm g ronda bazar dgn berjln kaki from hotel. if we follow the direction given by the guide, we should reach the bazar in 10 to 15 minutes. but, akibat tidak terlalu igt direction, maka we ended up ty kt polis trafik the direction and berjln kaki for nearly 1 hour la kot, huhuhuhu...

okeh, communication barrier agk besar di sini. some do speak english but some do not. even the police traffic yg kitrg ty direction to the bazar pn x reti nk ckp english. that's why we ended up ty soklan "kt mana arah to the bazar?" to dkt2 10 org polis kot :) ada yg dgr soalan tp xphm lgsg kitrg nk ty apa. ada yg phm tp xreti nk reply the direction & therefore made the 4 of us more confused. bila jmp yg ala2 cm phm english & then dia reply pn cm ala2 boleh dipahami la gk, br la berjaya smpi to the bazar.

tomorrow, we'll be leaving syria and go to jordan. as written in the schedule, we r gonna stay at jordan for a night, then check out from the hotel the next day and gonna take the flight to Jeddah. from there onwards, i'll be in Madinah and Mecca. i'll come back to Msia insyaallah on 28 apr and will reach KL on 29 apr (naik flight 12 jam okeh, huhuhuhu...). with that, to frens yg i lom btau my whereabouts, i apologize ye. hoping that segala dosa2 dgn anda diampunkan. please continue to pray for my safety (dan juga keselamatn my mom & kwn i & husband dia & groupmate i yg lain2 dlm this journey).

it's 5.50 p.m in syria now. i'm signing off from the far far away land with lots of luv...muaaaaaaahhhhh!!! luv u guys!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

i have never....

  • i have never been on a flight for more than 3 hours
  • i have never been to Cameron Highlands
  • i have never been to Langkawi (* lerrr... kalo nk bg senarai tmpt xpnah pergi, mmg le byk, hahahaha...)
  • i have never been a fan of tauhu, air soya, tempe, susu segar... i can actually list down more tp xpelah, nnt dikata kufur nikmat lk cz mknan byk tp mengada xnk mkn (* so, x perlu nk berebut2 dgn i)
  • i have never leave home without my watch, handphone (knp wallet xmasuk senarai?!!! krn kdg2 pemalas nk bw duit/ATM card/IC, hahahaha... tiba2 brani amik risk x bw duit)
eh... eh... knp ada ayt kaler purple? ohhh... ayt kaler purple is something yg berlaku harini di mana i left my handphone at home!!! (%^*&#$%) haish!!!! agak pelupa... maka, harus bljr to survive 13 hours without my handphone for today.