Monday, October 20, 2014

~ what's your reading habit? ~

it's October... and I'm reading my 12th book this year. yeah, u can say "wth??? baru 12?", but I fall into d category of "people-who-read-several-pages-a-day-depending-on-the-daily-schedule". sometime I can finish up a book in 3days, often times it's about a month. so, October and now in my 12th book, not bad.
i read mostly chick lit because i consider it as light reading. i don't want to read something that requires too much brain-work. i love John Grisham's works (thumbs up) but i can only enjoy his books when I'm on a holiday for 20 days. yeah, yeah, keep on dreaming!!! hahahaha (who's gonna gimme 20-days holiday and just chilling while doing nothing except reading John Grisham's?). when i read chick lit, i can just pretend to be the main (or supporting) character and imagine myself laughing/crying/dreaming/going crazy over things. once a while, tersenyum sendiri2 on d train/in the car/on the plane. crying? not when I'm in public places laaa... kalo nangis sambil baca atas katil/dlm bilik, most probably have done that.
i like motivational books as well. but nowadays i prefer listening to inspirational videos online. my ideology is that even if I'm not listening to it (because I'm so into doing my work walaupun headphone melekat kt telinga), the unconscious brain will still register the message. i believe that. daku percaya kebolehan minda separa sedar =)
i just came across this survey on the internet: at the moment, the National Library of Malaysia is conducting an Interim Survey on Malaysians Reading Habit. This effort, which is in collaboration with the Dept. of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM), Educational Technology Division of the Ministry of Education Malaysia, Librarians Association of Malaysia (PPM), the Malaysian Public Library Directors Council (MPAM) and Conference of Academic Libraries and National Library of Malaysia (PERPUN), aims to identify number of books read by Malaysians based on demographic and the trend of reading habit among Malaysians.
I've completed the survey in less than 10 minutes, it's that simple. so, let's contribute to the survey. who knows you might win a prize (every 50th entry will receive a prize).
p/s: the 12th book I'm reading now - "The First Muslim: the Story of Muhammad". I'm on page 7 and already think that it's awesome.