Sunday, January 13, 2013

~ ordering food has never been this easy ~

lunch break singkat? u dnt have canteen or cafeteria at your office? susah nk kua g cari food for lunch cz office korg kt area yg sesak-jammed-macet-padat merayap? bored with d food selection that u eat/prepare everyday? haaaa... ini dia solution menarik lagi memudahkan. i tertgk TV td. there's a segment in that program yg buat coverage psl service ni - food delivery service. anda2 yg rs nk kehidupan yg menyenangkn when it comes to finding food, now we have food delivery service by MangkukTingkat and Foodpanda.
this is food delivery service yg provide food for lunch (10 a.m to 1 p.m.) and dinner (5 p.m to 8 p.m.), from Monday to Friday. sabtu, ahad and public holiday diorg rehat. u'll get buah, sayur and 3 jns pilihan lauk (chicken, meat or fish). they have published their menu for January and February 2013 and it all sounds yummy (take note Malay food lovers) =) korg leh order for 1 week terus or 1 month terus. selain drpd package lauk biasa, MangkukTingkat also provides catering service, as well as food utk ibu2 yg sedang berpantang. see? it's sooooo much easier nowadays... sesuai la dgn tagline diorg - "Senang nk makan", hehehe. haaaa... apa lg...kalo nk order, sila la e-mail mangkuktingkat. apa2 info lain, u can refer to their website.
at the moment Foodpanda caters for those living/working in Cyberjaya - Putrajaya, KL, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam - Klang, and Subang Jaya - Puchong. u can order food in Malaysia from 169 restaurants. PappaRich, The Chicken Rice Shop, The Secret Recipe, Restoran Bangkok House (PJ), My Asam Pedas Shop, Hadramawt Palace - those are among the restaurants listed on Foodpanda where u can order ur food from. once u have selected your area, they will show you the restaurants that deliver to your area as not all restaurants deliver to the whole city. browse the menu, make your selection, confirm your order, enter delivery address, follow the checkout instructions and they will send you an SMS to confirm your order and delivery time. u'll then just have to wait for the food to be delivered to you. at the moment, they only accept cash on delivery, so get your cash ready b4 d delivery is made. they r also partnering with Lazada and Zalora... u'll receive voucher from Foodpanda when u make online purchase from Lazada and Zalora (i received mine when i purchased books from Lazada). this is somethg more interesting, apart from Foodpanda Malaysia, there's also Foodpanda Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and Taiwan. that would b great help when u r in those countries.
.it's so easy to get food nowadays, so don't forget to exercise =).

Saturday, January 12, 2013

~ my extreme condition ~

when i'm extremely hungry
ini rasanye ramai dh tau... perut i mmg xleh dikawal bila i dh lapar. dia punya vibrate, kuat yg amat smpi sebatu leh dgr ;p itu tipu. bkn la sebatu. tp... cukupla org2 sekeliling lh dgr & sggh la memalukan. ini bkn well-known fact among my officemates je (diorg dh lali kot dgr perut i bunyi), dgn vendor2 aku pn dh tau gk. malu. tp nk buat cmne, terima la saya seadanye, muahahahaha.

bila i extremely marah
i hv this weird habit bila i rs nk marah yg cm xleh dibendung. tp habit ni lh buat kt umh je... whenever i kt rumah & rs nk marah yg amat2 sgt, i g basuh kain/baju i. most of my clothings i basuh dgn tangan. so, bila rs nk marah membuak2 dlm diri (hasutan syaiton betul la), pegang berus & start mmbasuh baju kurung, shirts, pants, tudung, etc2, lma2 ilang rs nk marah =) weird huh? tp kalo kt opis, hmmm....xkn nk basuh kain lap sinki pantry lk kn.

bila i extremely malas nk bercantik2
bila dtg mood nk bercntk2, i pki la cntk2 g ofis (i jelah rs cntk, org len xrs cntk pn xpe). tp bila dtg mood mls, i amik bj kurung cotton plg sempoi je g ofis. bab kasut lk, i beli kasut/sandal ada heels tinggi sket pn cz taknak dikata org - "pe jns pompn daaaa... org len cntk pki kasut de heels g opis. ko pki kasut flat je". ikutkn hati nk tutup tlinga je dgr org ckp cmtu, tp xpelah... i cnsider itu sbgi constructive criticism, so i beli la heels. tp kdg2 py malas nk pki high heels g krja, sggp pagi2 kelam kabut gsk shirt & pants supaya leh pki kasut flat g ofis, hahahaha. shirt, pants & kasut flat = combination terbaik utk org mls cm i. ngehehehe. eh, bkn mls la... kita utamakn cmfort utk kaki. hah, alasan!!!

when i'm extremely exhausted
kdg2 bila dh terrrrrrrrlalu terrrrrrrlalu exhausted (1000X) bila blk krja, i ltk beg, tukar baju, then tido je trus smpi pagi (ni saat2 "bestfren tiap bln dtg la"). sggp xnk mkn. kalo time leh smyg plak, lps smyg mgrb and smntr nk tgg ke isya', leh baring2 dulu kt sejadah dgn berdoa semoga cpt la azan isya'. recently, dgn enhancement kt office yg memerlukan byk tenaga utk berfikir, i blk kerja dgn exhausted tapi... ada tapi di situ... mata xleh nk tido bila septtnye i tido. jadilah i burung hantu di mlm hari, berjaga & smbg buat kerja & only get like 3 hours sleep. mmg amalan yg tidak baik. & when my fren knew about my lack of sleep cndition, trus la i mndpt ayt nsht ini dr beliau - "heh, anak dara xelok xcukup tido. hilang seri!". ok fine, i nk maintain berseri...harus la aku ikut nsht dia =)

.now, i'm extremely malas nk bsh kain, so how?.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

~ 1 day @ Cameron Highlands ~

i had a one-day trip to Cameron Highlands yesterday, with my officemates. we are still in d semester break, weekend xkrja msa semester break ni, jd dimanfaatkn dgn plan utk a short trip. it's interesting to see Cameron Highlands for d 1st time... yeah, it's my very 1st time there. 
i nk decide whether to go or not to go pun dh mkn masa. dgn skrg ni weather asyik hujan, dgn asyk dgr crita tanah runtuh here and there, dgn nk mntk permission from my parents...tu yg rs2 cm potensi tinggi utk x ikut. tp last2 dgn pnh keyakinan bg decision to penganjur that i'm going and yeah, rs cm xlh nk tido mlm pulak d night before d trip, hahahaha...sewel =)
mmg btul pn hujan turun kt highway on our way there. bkn sikit2 py hujan, lebat bkn main. accidents at several places & jugak kes yg kereta rosak, tayar tercabut bagai. dlm hati berdoa supaya once we reached there, takdelah hujan lg. our 1st stop was at a strawberry farm & bergmbr2 dlm kedinginan (it was still drizzling, mmg la dingin).

memandangkn ni my 1st time g Cameron Highlands, i pn xtau sgt la sbnrny tmpt2 yg kitrg stop tu kt area mna. tp yg pstinye, ni first time rs mewah tgk fruits & flowers & veggies byk... & muraaaaaahhhh!!! heaven!!!
 ~ fruits ~
 ~ flowers ~
~ veggies ~
after lunch & solat break, we headed to tea plantation. i adore the beautiful landscape at the tea plantation. cntk... hijau & peaceful. kalo dok mengadap tea plantation ni pagi2, sure lg rs peaceful rsnye eh. cm feeling2 ombak rindu kot, hahahaha. after dh puas wt photoshoot session kt cni (photoshoot katanye!!!), sila lepak2 minum ptg kt tea house yg de kt sini. there are plenty of choices utk teh... i chose yg agk pelik, Chocolate Tea. d Chocolate Tea cm wt brain i confused nk rs Chocolate or nk rs Tea. nsb baik i order gk brownies. brownies ada eskrem... heaven lg!!!
 ~ greenery ~
 ~ Chocolate Tea (confusion) + brownies (heaven) ~
next, went to another strawberry farm. tp maybe minggu lps final week cuti skolah, so rmi dh petik strawberry ms tu & x tgglkn utk kitrg petik2 gk, huhuhuhu. xleh la nk feeling2 jd pemetik buah strawberry. xpelah. final stop, we went to d pasar mlm kt Cameron Highlands ni. oh ye, kt pasar mlm ni 1st time i tgk org wt broccoli gorg. sll tgk cendawan gorg je. wpn my friend beli, tp i xde keberanian nk try, hehehe... broccoli rebus or wt sayur air je yg i mkn.
.thank u to friends yg organize this trip =) i'm grateful for d whole experience.

~ those days when i learnt... ~

my 1st entry for 2013 is about Korean (to b exact, Korean songs that i listen to). this 2nd entry is gonna be about Japanese language (to b exact, what i learnt at school).
i learnt Japanese language for 4 years at school. we had to choose from Japanese, French and Arabic, and i chose Japanese. for 4 years, i was taught d basic skills of learning a foreign language - read, write, listen and speak. and while i was doing spring cleaning for my room recently, i found this...
 ~ my Japanese language text book for 4 years ~
i had Japanese teachers from Form 1 to 3, and a Malay teacher when i was in Form 4. speaking from experience, if u wanna learn a forein language, it's better if u learn from their people. lbh berkesan. & since we had to learn 3 different Japanese characters/alphabets/letters (smthing alien to me at first time), i think that it was good that the curriculum requires Japanese teachers to teach us the language.
 ~ Hiragana for Form 1 ~
we were drilled to remember each alphabet/character so that we can read and write in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Hiragana for Form 1, Katakana for Form 2, Kanji for Form 3. to make it more effective for us to remember all the alphabets, we had dictation. yeah, those exercises where our Japanese teachers showed the flashcards of d words we learnt from d previous class and we had to write it down. jgn igt msa tadika je guna flashcards okay =) 
~ i can still read these. thank u, teachers ~
to make d class more interesting, once a while we were allowed to watch Japanese videos. most of the times we requested for videos from SMAP, d group where Takuya Kimura (or Kimu-Taku) was one of the members =) sometimes we watched short drama, without d subtitles. had no choice but to listen to whatever being said by d actors & actresses in order to understand d drama. this in a way trained our listening skill. asal tgk videoclip je suka, tp bila tgk drama rs nk nanges, hahahahaha. another method that makes d class more interesting would b d sing-a-song session, including this world-famous song...
~ "it's a small world afterall (3X)'s a small, small world" in Japanese language ~
just to test whether i can still recall simple words in Japanese, i tried a game from Kids Web Japan. i tested the Hiragana Picture Matching Game, where u hv to match the word with the picture shown. and the word is of course written in Hiragana.
and my score? perfect =)
.Japanese and Chinese have d same characters for numbers.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~ cinta 3 segi: aku, handphone & ... ~

semlm last day 2012, i cuti cz nk settlekan personal matters. pg2 bgn mcm org x cuti, tetap la bgn b4 subuh cz i mntk ayahnda tlg anta. biasa la, knci alarm kt henfon, lpstu mndi, siap2 apa segala & kuar umh kul6.40 mcm nk g ofis mcm biasa. ms siap2 tu make sure dh mnda apa nk kna bw, sumbat dh apa2 yg ptt dlm greenbag. tp rupa2nye ada mnda yg i tertggl - HENFON. on d way ms ayahnda anta i, mmg la terasa2 gtl tgn nk chck bag tp brain x deliver d signal kt tgn lk.
i realized henfon tertggl ms dh smpi 1st destinasi (byk destinasi i kna g smlm). seluk beg nk amik headfon la kononnye, lpstu aikk, apsal la henfon xde. korek2 my slingbag, seluk sume poket dh, sume xde. damn!!! ats katil la tu. hadoiii. cmne ni? xleh la dgr lagu. apa guna headfon ada tp henfon xde. tetiba i psiko diri sndiri - biar jelah. baiklah kita tenangkn diri, xyh risau2 cz cnfirm henfon ats katil. we declare today as "hari bebas henfon". ecehcehceh.
it turned out to b a very relaxing moment wpn sepjg siang settlekn urusan tnpa henfon. mmg la henfon pntg utk call/texting/whtsapp/wt senarai citer apa nk srh org tlg dload/senarai buku citer yg nt i nk beli. tp i nk henfon ada dgn i cz henfon adalah sumber dgr lagu. kalo i iron bj kerja yg nk pki seminggu, i sumbat tlinga dgr lagu. kalo i kemas bilik, i sumbat tlinga dgr lagu. dan my playlist dlm henfon yg i dgr tiap kali i sumbat telinga adalah... hmmm... lagu Korea =)
~ lihat itu playlist "Korean". kotak2 tu cz henfon xlh bc tulisan korea ~
i bkn phm pn lirik yg diorg sebut. kalo i sorg2, i belasah bantai je nyanyi sukati. kalo dlm LRT, i nyanyi la dlm hati. smtimes lagu diorg ni music arrangement dia i lh trima, so xphm pn xpe (pffft. mcm la i tau sgt psl arrangement apa segala). lagu paling kemaruk i dgr dlm henfon i is by FT Island. peminat tegar k-pop sure tau la diorg ni sape, group2 cm Super Junior & apa segala tu la (excuse my thp ketidaktahuan).
cmne starting i leh terjebak suka lagu2 FT Island ni eh? ada la i tgk korean drama citer "He's beautiful". didn't know that slh sorg yg berlakon tu is d lead singer for FT Island. dlm citer "He's beautiful" tu, ada 1 scene yg d lead singer tu nyanyi dlm bus. i was like " best la suara dia ni". lps dh abis tgk that drama, my fren btau yg dia tu mmg sbnrny penyanyi. lerrrrrr... ptt la pn suara sedap.
tp iye lah, citarasa org beza2. i suka, tp u all mbe biasa2 je =) i pn xckp i ni peminat tegar FT Island & i bknnye la peminat tegar Korean drama gk. i lyn je apa2 yg i rs bes, cnthnye Running Man, hahahaha. Running Man kalo i tgk sorg2, i gelak la sorg2. kalo my sister TERtgk skali (dia xde pilihan nk tgk cz msa dia jln dlm umh & stop dpn tv, tgk2 i tgh lyn Running Man & remote tv kt i), dia pn lh lyn gelak gk la. 1 of FT Island's songs that i like - Severely. lagu ni pn dlm senarai Korean tu gk, muahahaha. sedih tgk videoclip dia.
in case u r wondering lk (ada ke yg wondering?) cmne lagu "I hope" dlm gmbr from my korean playlist tu, ni dia py videoclip.
by d way, i judge d voice, d talent & d music. not d appearance ok. in case u think that i judge ppl based on their looks.
.skrg i lyn citer "Arang & d Magistrate" kt Maaduu.