Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~ i do what i want when i feel like it ~

dh 24days in 2012. so far so good. i'm taking everything 1 step at a time. kalau org lain nk amik multiple steps, good for them. tp to me, i just need to be patient & enjoy every single step that i take. somehow i just don't understand (sometimes it irritates me... u know i can get annoyed easily) when people talk to me & ask "eh, you don't want to buy this ABC, kah?" OR "eh, you still wear that DEF, kah?" OR "you don't want to change XYZ, kah?"

first, i'm not d person yg tukar jam/kasut/beg/henfon/henfon cover/etc2 easily. friends who know me well know this fact. i would go "uuuu, cantek beg tu" but ended up NOT buying it. OR "wow, menarik wallet tu" and ended up walking away & lpstu dh x igt apa2 psl wallet tu. i got friends telling me "ermmm, wujud lg eh brg ko tu". kdg2 malu pn ada cz when people give me that kind of remark, it sorts of like telling me yg i ni x reti2 ke nk tkr brg. BUT, if i ni jns yg pndi jg brg tu & x rosak & i don't feel like buying a new one just to replace d one that i have, adakah itu slh?

then, there's d issue of PRIORITIZING between what i WANT and what i NEED. mungkin yg bertanya kt i soalan2 irritating tu x kena byr rm340 every month to PTPTN kot. jd, utk dia mungkin sng la nk "buy this and that" OR "change this and that". tp, i xleh ikut gaya org sebegitu. kn org tua2 ckp, "ukur baju di bdn sendiri"... mknanye, berblnja ikut kemampuan.

then, another issue is thp pemikiran yg berbeza antara i dgn org tu. some people are soooo down to earth yg i rs cm "ooo, bgsnye kau ni sgt merendah diri dan tidak menunjuk ko nk bermewah2". tp some others pulak, masyaallah... hmmm... i hope i'm not one of them, yakni jns yg cm ala2 nk tnjk sprti mahu compete dgn i OR nk tnjk thp kemampuan dia dkt i. if u guys can afford it, then go ahead... i wouldn't mind. yg thp cm ala2 nk compete dgn i OR nk tnjk thp kemampuan dia beli itu ini dkt i, org2 jns cmni yg buat i lemas ni. haihhhh!!! dgn erti kata lain, anda mahu tnjk kemampuan anda berbelanja/dpt itu ini, sila la "ditunjukkn" kt org lain. xyah nk compete dgn i krn kesian kt anda nt. x berbaloi pn nk tnjk kemampuan anda kt i, huhuhu.

as i said, i'm taking 1 step at a time. tapi, with the small steps that i take, at least i'm proud with myself for various small achievements. personal achievement that is. i have things that i can call mine (more things to come, insyaallah). i have some experience that i will never forget. i have good health & minda masih cergas 2learn new things from others so that i can achieve more. jdnye, small steps is good buat masa ni utk i. jgn la suruh i "lompat" jauh2 cz i want 2 do things on my own pace...

have fun. take care.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

selamat - happy - merry

hari ke21 dlm 2012. another 2 days before d Chinese New Year.

utk kwn2 yg br nk blk kmpg, drive safe. i'm still here... kt rumah... mungkin xbuat apa2 selain melayan tgk movie Korea or buat apa2 yg ptt. (*mungkin jugak this is a good chance utk smbg puasa gnti, hehehe).

utk kwn2 yg akn mkn besar, i mean BESAR, may this year bring peace, good health, prosperity and happiness to u & ur family =) be moderate in taking your food cz it's good to b in moderation supaya x menyesal di kemudian hari, hahaha.

ok, i xnk miss out dgr mercun dam-dam-dum mlm CNY nt cz thn lps i dh termiss cz tido awl, huhuhu. hmm... dan juga hrp2 dpt tgk tarian singa (ok, xyah hairan knp i minat tgk tarian singa cz kwn2 pn xphm knp i suka tarian singa. i sndiri pn xphm knp i suka tgk tarian singa, muahahahaha...)

hmmm... smoga semua org pn akn dlm kegmbiraan... xkesah la sape py celebration weh. yg penting, semua org enjoy d holiday. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

d day she found her happiness

weekend yg sggh exciting... cousin i got married last Saturday. d event was a simple one tp exciting + seronok + fun. ini mmg wedding plg sempoi. akad nikah & reception at our side were held on d same day, belah laki plak hari ahad. pengantin looked gorgeous. eh, pengantin mana2 pn mmg gorgeous, kn? tp cz nk citer psl cousin i py wedding, harus la puji lbh sket, hehehe...

abis je kms dewan lps wedding, pulang & bersiap utk g Perak lk. bertolak fr KL after mgrb & smpi kt Perak around midnight. yg bertolak g Perak dat nite adalah ank2 muda, termasuk la i :) siang tu ank2 muda sekalian dh terlbh hyperactv sambut tetamu&bergmbr2&bersalam2 trima kasih dgn tetamu, maka sekalian ank mudah dh lembik by d time smpi kt homestay dh kul12tghmlm.

d next day, bgn awl pn cm xde menda nk buat. xkn nk dok tgk tv smntara tgg mak bapak smpi fr KL, kn? so, we decided to have breakfast kt luar, tnpa pengantin perlu carikan food utk kami2 ni. ni kira trip menghntr pengantin skaligus merangkap program jln2 cari mkn & cuti2 malaysia. jd, pergi breakfast pn hrs buat sprti g melancong.

bila mak bapak dh smpi from KL tghri tu, br la ank2 muda terkelam kabut menyiapkn diri masing2. tp leh rileks lg cz pengantin pn lm siap bersolek kt kedai mak andam. see? mmg sempoi, kn? =) semua dh ready je (yg pntg, pengantin la kna ready), berjln la kami beramai2 ke rumah pengantin laki. (*food kt rumah pengantin laki mmg marvellous & delicious*). dh settle segala acara, bertolak from Perak to KL around 5.30pm cmtu & i smpi rumah dkt kul11mlm.
tahniah kpd cousins who played their parts menjd penyambut tetamu & penyusun door gifts & pemberi souvenirs yg berjaya. many thanx to fotografer yg dirembat di saat2 akhir... wpun dh ada event lain hang kna cover, sggp gk tlg kwn. [Promo: sesape yg nk khdmt amik gmbr for wedding, birthday, company events, etc2, leh mntk details fotografer from i]. let's not forget, congratulations kpd pengantin. smoga dpt kebhgiaan dunia & akhirat.

slmt pengantin baru
~ wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love and happiness ~

Friday, January 6, 2012

~ tempat baru ~

time passed by and it's already d 6th day in d new year - 2012. too many things have happened since d last time i wrote here.

we are now settling down at d new campus in PJ. i was on Metro Bus number 12 on Tuesday (d last time i was on Metro Bus number 12 was like ages ago, hahaha... 11 years to be exact). tentunye akn meningkat stamina i cz akn banyaaaaaakkk sgt berjln... perjlnan from main entrance to d office adalah bukit yg agk curam. by d time smpi kt koridor dh tercungap2. taking d stairs (amalan gaya hidup sihat thn ni, goodbye elevator, hello tangga2 sekalian) to see d lecturers. taking d stairs to d restroom, auditorium, prayer room, etc2. walking from one corridor to another to go to other offices. dlm library sndiri pn dh sprti leh bkr 8million calories (okeh, exaggerate) if nk berjln from my desk to the counter, hahaha... (betulkah leh burn more calories if u are wearing heels? only on my 2nd day wearing heels at this new office tp kaki dh terasa cm mahu tercabut cz byk sgt berjln).

should i look frwrd 2use d gym once it's ready? yes, we have gym, tennis court, badminton court & swimming pool at this new compound... how cool is that :) but utk org cm i yg de pengalaman ngeri lemas, forget d swimming pool. let's concentrate on what i do best... walking =)