Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trouble is a friend

As much as we avoid “making friends” with TROUBLE, in reality we could not run away from having one. Some create TROUBLE of their own. Others might have one that is not because of their own doings. For me, I have to agree with the lyrics of the song by Lenka... “TROUBLE is a friend, oh TROUBLE is a friend if mine”... It really is... either I created one of my own, or that being created by others for me (TYVM).
TROUBLEs that are being a friend of mine at the moment, just to name a few:-
  • TROUBLE to decide where and when to go for a holiday. *owh, puhhleazzzeeee... anyone who would like to give some idea?*
  • TROUBLE to decide titles to buy tomorrow. *too many interesting titles to read. thus, PRIORITIZE...PRIORITIZE, please!!!*
  • TROUBLE to decide how to spend my times with frenz this week. *movies? bowling? exercising? what else?*
  • TROUBLE to speak what I have in mind when needed OR to not speak what I have in mind when it’s not needed. Understand? No? *will become a bigger TROUBLE if you do not understand what i'm sayin', hahahaha...* 
what_i_honestly_think: the biggest TROUBLE of all at this moment is to finish up all tasks before my short break. yeah... will be out of the office beginning tomorrow until Monday. c ya!!! 
what_i_honestly_feel: i do not have any TROUBLE in terms of lurving the song mentioned above by Lenka... :) TROUBLE IS A FRIEND OF MINE

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The 1st time I heard this song, trus rasa "ohhhh!!! sgt menarik!!!" telah berusaha dgn Cik Ana untuk mencari tajuk lagu dan penyanyi. this morning, heard this song on the radio while on my way to work. inilah lagu yg saya suka sekarang, "Nadiku". ( baru ku tahu ni OST citer kt TV. owhhh... sgt memalukan!!!"
what_i_think: enjoy it while you still can.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Continue from the previous entry...

Kisah kenduri kawen kt Bukit Jalil (in my previous entry) belum habis lagi...

Apart from the Banghra dance performance during the wedding at Bukit Jalil that I attended last Sunday, there was also a performance from our local artist. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, she’s so good in what she does... our 1st winner of Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor was there during the night!!!! Giler suka!!! For someone who enjoys listening to any songs, as long as it’s not the head-banging type, I really felt like attended a mini-concert by Jac (how many songs do they perform in a mini-concert actually? Would singing 5 songs be considered as a mini-concert? Hah, I really have no idea *wink*). Seperti biasa, malu2 kucing nk amik gmbr dr dekat while she performed several numbers. However, we were very lucky cz when we left the hall (we had to leave early), terus ternmpk Jac kt luar hall (oh yeah, as mentioned in Cik Nik's blog, interior dewan adalah sgt cantik ala2 style Hindustan). Kami pun apa lagi, takde lg malu2 kucing, aksi lumba lari beramai2 utk bergmbr dgn Jac, muahahaha. Lg hebat, ada org yg pki kasut tumit tinggi pn berlari gk, nsb baik tak tergolek (Cik Ana jgn mrh ye)... Saya sgt gembira dpt bergambar dgn Jac.

with the 1st Malaysia Idol winner, Jaclyn Victor.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two weddings and a night to remember :)

Attended weddings of my officemates last Sunday. One was in the afternoon (under extremely hot weather, ouchhh), somewhere nearby my house and the other was at night at Bukit Jalil.

Didn't manage to catch a glimpse of the bride (and groom) for the afternoon wedding... we were there early and the bride and groom were expected to arrive somewhere around 1.30p.m. We just couldn't wait longer as there were too many people and it was as I said earlier "extremely hot".

And then, at around 6.30p.m, I left home to attend the next wedding at Bukit Jalil. It really was a multiracial + colourful wedding. There was a Banghra dance performance by talented (young?) Banghra dancers as well as a performance by a very talented-down-to-earth-humble lady. how else can I describe her? hmmm... this has got to wait, muahahaha...

Friday, May 14, 2010

(Good) points to take into consideration

I saw this (good) article/info when I was just about to start doing the daily/routine work this morning. The points given might be are good reminders on what we should/should not reveal when you go online. For you guys who have Facebook (plus, other social networking sites) account, please read "7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook".

what_I_(honestly)think: THINK hard about what you (really)want others to know about you...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yesterday was Mother's Day...

There’s a mother who prays (hard) so that his son will get well,
There’s a mother who takes care of her husband and hoping that her husband will recover,
And there's a mother who is worried about her brother's illness and condition.

The MOTHERs listed above are all related to me. They are my grandma, my aunty and my mother. We are praying hard that my uncle will recover and be able to have his normal life back.

“And when I sicken, then He healeth me” (Qur’an (26): 80)

"Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help"
(Qur'an (1): 4)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some update on what I did last Saturday...

My friends and I (5 of us) visited a friend who just gave birth to a lovely + cute + handsome baby boy. After she gave birth on February, this friend of ours had to go through all the berpantang things at her mother’s house before returned back to KL. This friend is the same friend whom we went to her wedding at Sarawak last year. And the baby was soooooooo adorable!!! We cant’ stop cuddling/kissing/ playing with him even when the mother was busy changing his diaper. (Go, Jijah!!! Aku support ko py environmental-friendly and washable pampers yg leh tahan 3 tahun tu, hehehe).

Just look at the photos below. Sila focus kat rambut baby tu ye. We present to you, En. Umar-yg-sangat-comel-dgn-rambut-yg-merah. Welcome into the world of crazy-and-beautiful aunties, Umar *wink*

Aunty yg agak kekok, muahaha...

(l-r) me, jijah and Umar, nik, yuri. (Dpn) zah. (credit to Cik Photographer: Syella)

Umar behaved well during our visit. His mom pun mbe agak lega cz anak dia x buat hal or rimas dgn Aunty2 yg terlebih excited ni ;) There were plenty of hands yg more than willing nk dukung and jaga Umar. My greatest achievement with baby that young (baru 2bln, okaaaayyy) was to be able utk buat dia tido selama nearly half an hour without Umar merengek and what not, muahahaha.... Was it because he felt nice when I touched him & suaraku ini yang sgt soothing kt telinga dia? Or, was it because Umar tu dh sedia ngantuk & saya adalah sgt membosankan pd dia? Huhuhu.

Owhhh ya, we bought Umar a nice pair of jeans and shirt. We purposely chose bigger size so that Umar can wear it for Hari Raya. Silap2 xsempat tgg Raya, dh pakai dulu.

Mother is fine, so does Umar. Hopefully Umar will always be protected by Allah and may he bring joy and happiness and more rezeki to his proud parents. Iboh nakal2 heh, Umar :) To Jijah, semoga kami dtg lg tahun depan for Umar’s birthday and got another great news from you, hehehe... ada paham sik? :)