Sunday, February 23, 2014

~ personal (data) protection (Pt.1) ~

since a couple of months back, I've been receiving various emails (and smses) from various organisations regarding their policy on protecting personal information of their clients. drpd bank, ke Telco, ke tv station, ke apa2 ntah lg la yg I dh dpt. I believe that u guys do receive the same emails/smses as well. ke, xde?
I'm now more careful to reveal my personal info yg melibatkn IC number, phone number and addresses (home and email). mcm2 phone call yg I dpt, most of it adalah telemarketing utk promo insurance, or menang "free" (???) voucher for a one-night hotel stay, and mcm2 lg. I sll terperangkap nk KENA jwb d phone call&dgr promoter tu ckp. bila diorg ckp nk explain in 3minutes je, ok la I dgr. dh smpi 3minutes tak habis gk lg explanation, I had to be lbh firm. jadilah kdg2 ayt berbunyi kasar sket. maaf, saya sweet utk 3minutes tu je.
recently ada sorg promoter approached me utk interview for a survey. he said there's only 8 questions & it's gonna b a quick intrvw, so I agreed. 1st question, "What's ur name?". I told him "ANONYMOUS" and he laughed at me cz dia igt I bergurau. yeah, I mmg bergurau but I said to him "I thought u said this is a survey. u can't ask the person's name when u r conducting a survey, bukan ke?" mbe la I salah in that sense tp xpelah. after complete dh sesi interview utk survey tu, dia ty lk whether I'm interested to get to know more about the product, and I bg unfavourable answer - "No, not interested". igtkn tamat dh kt ctu. tetiba dia ty my phone number (don't know knp soalan survey de phone number lk kt ujung skali), lg skali dpt unfavourable answer - "I don't simply give my phone number bcz I value my personal data protection". kasihan encik promoter. muka hensem tp too bad dpt sample yg mcm I; yg too secretive & xbrp nk bg cooperation.
I brtukar mnjadi sweet after that interview session ended & apologized...
"I'm sorry. I know this is ur job to sell, but I only answer to questions that I want to answer. too bad u approached me cz at d end, I'm not revealing much info. I sggst u try to approach others. they might gv u d info u want, ok?" (-- plus an apologetic smile --)
.bebrp saat kemudian, ayahnda called and said "dh kt Citibank". ini "Personal Protection", hahahaha.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

~ creativity tested... batik coloring ~

ever since I was small, art mmg x berapa boleh nk sebati dgn I. thp creativity I adalah limited kpd colouring and conteng2 je. sllnye mnda2 yg melibatkn creativity ni I bg je kt sape yg lbh hbt... I nk senang2 je, hehehehe. having family members yg lbh creative xprnh lgsg buat I rs nk emulate diorg utk nk jd creative gk.
atas sbb "perlu mendidik anak2 utk develop creativity", my father sent my sister and I to drawing class ms kecik. hasilnye? my sister semakin hbt dan I tetaaaaap gk xleh nk jd lbh kreatif. drawing class yg kitrg attend to every Saturday je. pttnye 2jam for each class, tp sbb uncle yg ajar tu is a fren of my father, jd la class selalu extend sbb diorg borak2 while tgg kitrg settle drawing/coloring lesson for that day.
my sister's creativity is not only limited to drawing. she can design business card/t-shirt for printing. she made her own hantaran for her wedding. she made my baju kurung looked lbh "up" sket dgn jahit manik2. tu just part of her creative works yg I tau....
~ these are d hantaran she made for her wedding ~
recently, I menguji thp kreativiti I dgn g buat batik coloring. design dh mmg sedia ada, I just choose je yg mna I nk & start d coloring process. I took nearly two hours to complete coloring the piece. tujuan asal I made this is to sell it for charity drive sale dkt ofis. tp memandangkn xde yg beli, I plan to donate my 1st coloring-work to one hospital's paediatric ward.
kalo nk buat aktiviti batik coloring ni, u can do so at Kompleks Kraf Jln Conlay, KL. kalo xtau d location, d nearest landmarks are Royal Chulan Hotel and Pavilion KL.
.I jst realized that it's not easy to make a nice 4-meter batik piece.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

~ family outing - Seoul Garden ~

it's a long break from work as we celebrated Chinese New Year last Friday. utk yg kerja dlm KL/Wilayah Persekutuan, additional holiday for tomorrow (hurrayyy!!!). and starting Tuesday, dh xde lg public holiday yg berlama2. sila lah bertahan.
d eve of CNY, my cousins and I went for makan2 kt Seoul Garden. it's kinda like mkn besar, but with the purpose of sj nk mkn2 beramai2 to spend time together2. sape yg di perantauan, we'll plan for mkn2 with you guys next time ye =)
it's my 1st time try mkn kt Seoul Garden. I'm quite selective when it comes to Japanese/Korean/Chinese cuisine, tp Seoul Garden lpsni leh masuk list yg akn dilawati lg. br tau yg konsep sbnr kt Seoul Garden is steamboat + grill. dan memandangkn I can't resist steamboat, dats y la Seoul Garden now sudah menjadi pilihan hati (leh masuk list sesama dgn Red Wok kt Bangi, Tupai-Tupai and Johnny's).
family-friendly restaurant... mknan sesuai utk bdk2 2thn ke atas

kasi chan bg abang2 kt blkg tu masuk dlm gmbr
dalam kita bersuka2, jgn lupa there are people around us yg dlm kesedihan. it's sad to hear a bad news di pagi hari yg sama dgn hari yg nk g mkn kt Seoul Garden ni. so......yeah, I'm just glad that I stil have my love ones around me.
.happy ChineseNewYear.