Monday, December 31, 2012

~ goodbye 2012... welcome 2013 ~

my 222th post, to end 2012...
finished reading 2 books today - "84, Charing Cross Road" and "Laughter, the best Malaysian". that makes it 19 books that i've read this year (1 short of my target).
the whole journey this year has been great. some highs and lows here and there. but overall, i'm grateful for whatevr that has been presented to me in 2012. there r a lot that i've learnt from ppl around me, from d places i've been to, from things i've read. in d end, it all taught me to appreciate my life.
looking back, it has been an amazing year. i hv no regrets whatsoever. i know that everything is OK for me in 2012...
"Everything is always OK in the end; if it is not, it is not the end" - Anonymous
ending the posts in 2012 with my appreciation to everything that Allah has presented to me. alhamdulillah. thank u, everyone. thank u. may 2013 brings greater joy and happiness to u. may 2013 brings u closer to whtever it is that u want.
"In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy". - Anonymous

.welcome 2013.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

~ what did u just call me? ~

5 hours after a mug of nescafe white coffee,
4 hours after calcium pill consumption, AND
4 hours after a bottle of Brand's Innershine Prune Plus
here's what happened
~ i was doing this "research"at 3.18 a.m. ~
just when u need ur sleep d most, u were up doing some "research" on "peplum kurung", so that u can get ur tailor to sew d kain to b d exact design??? omg!!!
come on!!!
this is what u called TECHNO-STRESS...
LOL =)
.it's now 3.54 a.m.

~ train ride: bittersweet memories ~

my 1st experience on d train started way back when i was 8. my dad took our family for a day ride to Ipoh, on a 3rd class coach (*gasp!!!). imagine naik tren 3rd class masa thn 80-an. it's basically a pick-your-seat ride (mcm Air Asia lk leh pick your seat), pick your seat where there's an empty seat. in other words, if xde empty seat, berdiri/mencangkung sepjg jln. i can't recall how long it took us to reach Ipoh train station. but once we reached there, we walked around (pusg2 keliling train station je), took pictures, then catched the next train back to KL. itu suatu ketika dahulu.

then came d time when i took d train from JB to KL. that was when i attended boarding school. d price for a 2nd class ticket fr JB to KL costs less than rm20. for 5 years, tiap kali nk cuti skolah, beli tiket train less than rm20? mewah!!! ye, subsidi kerajaan, maka bdk2 skolah cm kami dpt la beli tiket half price. alhamdulillah =) each time nk beli tiket JB-KL from pakcik Ahdan (wuuuu, still igt wehhhh!!!), dh pakat2 nk dok dgn sape walaupun dlm 1 koc tu nnt mostly kenkwn sndiri gk. (partner train ride, jgn nk buat2 xigt yg kita sll dok sblh2 dlm train, muahahaha). JB to KL jelah yg i naik train. KL to JB hrs la menggunakan khidmat kereta bapak sndiri cz...hmmm... stok makanan bermcm2 sgt nk bw blk hostel :p

lpstu, zmn semakin maju & we hv d KTM commuter smpi skrg. i prnh naik komuter smpi Seremban. dh pnah gk naik smpi Klang (ini serious lama). yg xpnah naik is komuter to Rawang.

i rs KTM dh de imprvmnt dgn d new coach. lbh besar. lbh selesa. tpnye, stil byk yg leh improve. cnthnye time management. dh jd cm bhn lawak tau sbnrnye yg org xlh nk pcaya komuter akn smpi kt platform on time. sedih kn? & kalau tren ada prblm, lmbt sgt kakitgn nk bertindak. my experience train komuter stranded dh xtau brp byk kali dh. plg xleh lupa, tren stranded tgh2 landasan. we were in d ladies' coach, tingkap x lh bkk (brp byk sgt kudrat pompn ada nk bkk tgkp). aircond xde. xde announcement. try being in an enclosed area for 5 minutes & u'll understand d feeling. ppl say that d secret is to remain calm. tp cz dh rmi yg rs cm xsng ati cz xde progress, i did d most logical thing - called whatever number written kt sticker yg ada tampal dlm coach tu & asked them in d most sarcastic way possible. i tried not to b sarcastic, tp xleh la. sepns2 keadaan dlm tren tu, pns lg ati i, haaaaa. lg 1 mslh, penumpang2 pn sma gk... dh ada koc wanita, yg lelaki2 pn nk masuk gk, knp? lpstu selamba je duduk & xnk bg pompn yg lbh memerlukan utk duduk. hepppp, abang... don't u know hw 2b a gentleman?
~ my ride from Kajang-KL Sentral-Klang ~

& we also hv d STAR & PUTRA LRT. i prefer these two drpd KTM komuter (sorry KTM. Rapid KL is doing a better job, i guess). skrg cm dh canggih sket especially kt stesen msjd jamek. dulu kalo br turun Putra kt msjd jamek & nk naik STAR, kna beli tiket lain (now they've introduced d chip, kna hati2 sket cz it's smaller than d card). or, if u r Touch&Go user like me, kna touch card kt reader ms nk kuar stesen Putra, then touch again kt reader ms nk g STAR pulak. skrg (i mean, starting thn ni) dh xyh. turun je Putra kt msjd jamek station, can straight take d STAR to whch ever station u wanna go. dh smpi destinasi, br touch your T&Go at d reader. kn lbh sng tu. xyh nk stress beratur byk2 kali utk beli tiket especially during peak hours. 

now that we r gonna hv our MRT, i hope it'll provide a better train service alternative to the users. org2 yg mmg gna train (esp pengguna2 komuter) sure look forward to hv d MRT, kn? ke, i sorg je yg look forward? anyways, if u wanna know more about Malaysia's MRT Project, u can go to MRT Corp's website.  they r having a "I need MRT because..." contest until 31 December 2012. stil smpt lg kalo nk join d contest, get d info here.

.i suka naik MRT kt Spore, hehehe.

Monday, December 24, 2012

~ welcome home, mate ~

"Do not read, as children do, to amuse yourself, or like the ambitious, for the purpose of instruction. No, read in order to live." - Gustave Flaubert
the Big Bad Wolf super-monstrous-super-craaaaazy book sale ended yesterday. alhamdulillah, i got the chance to be there with my two awesome cousins on the 2nd last day of the event. left my aunty's house around 9-ish so that we can reach MIECC around 10-ish. as ppl hv been commenting on BBW facebook page that getting to d parking space is quite a challenge, so better bergerak awal. when we reached there, still many parking spaces & dlm hall pn blom rmi sgt org. we thought that it's better to jln sndiri2 & once done, to meet somewhere near bunting yg tnjk kedai mkn. haiiihhh, meeting point pn nk kna dkt2 yg related dgn mkn. pfffft.
i brought greenbags with me & gv it to cousins as well. amik buku-bc synopsis-belek2 isi-masuk greenbag...amik buku-bc synopsis-belek2 isi-masuk greenbag. ada org yg angkut dgn kotak, which i know thp kekuatan lengan i xkn mmpu bertahan lama. ada org lk bw trolley bag. thn dpn la i bw trolley bag gk, hahahaha. ada org bw shopping bag IKEA. mna2 la, asalkn sng. i've read in a blog that u should just pick whatever that u like & do the sorting later. hasilnye, before sorting, i had 31 books in my 2 greenbags (senget kjp bahu i). after sorting, i only selected 21. tutup mata & say bye2 to those 10 titles, sobsobsob. b4 heading to the cashier, added another 3 books for mom. in total, i purchased 24 books for just rm178!!! hw can i not like it =)
cousin selected 12 books for herself. asal2nye lbh dr tu la. dh dkt nk queue utk byr, she selected only 12, TAPI 2 out of 12 tu dia cm sure x sure nak or xnk. i told her to just ambik & gv it to me. at d end, i got 23 books fr my 1st ever visit to BBW. waaahhhh, suka gillerrrr!!!
~ welcome home ~
actually, d 21 books are not mine alone. ada org kirim mntk tlg belikan gk. memndgkn nk cari specific author or title or genre agk susah sket cz buku dh bercampur aduk ats meja2 kt BBW ni, i picked and chose books that i hope are relevant to that person's interest. suprisingly, i found 1 book at BBW that has been in my "books i want list" for quite some time. saw it once in the newspaper, read the review & keyed in the ISBN in my phone. the normal price would be somewhere around RM30++ at any bookstores. lucky me, found it at BBW for just RM8 =)
~ now can cross this from my "books i want" list ~
d challenge now is that i dnt hv space in my cabinet to put in more new books. yg baru2 beli tp lom bc, sume dh bkn dlm almari tmptnye. npknye hv to sacrifice. in order to provide space for the new books, i gave my old books to cousins. 1 of them got 10, anthr 1 got 4. now i have more space to place my new books yg dh tersedia ada b4 BBW. buku yg beli kt BBW still dlm greenbag, mmg xleh nk buat apa la.
~ go meet your new owner, she's my cousin... byebye ~
.finished reading 1 book last night, now enjoying d 2nd book i bought fr BBW.

Friday, December 21, 2012

~ gratitude for life ~

here's sharing with you the Du'a to start your Friday (and any other day):-
be grateful that you are still alive and make today better than yesterday. 
.have a productive day ahead.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

~ 2012.2012 ~

today's 20 December 2012
it's Thursday

newborn... awards... marriage... rewards... good news... marriage proposal... new house... new car... new job... etc2


and don't forget to be grateful for all good things you've received today


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

~ 5 years today ~

it has been 5 years today... 19 Dec 2007 to 19 Dec 2012.
i made my first pasport 5 years ago. tujuan buat pasport ms tu cz nk g Bandung, Indonesia for my office trip. since then, kebnykn trip i g Indonesia je... Bandung twice, Jogjakarta twice, Jakarta once. pasport i ada byk stamp from imigresen Indonesia, hahaha.
once my father told me, "pegi la tempat lain pulak... Hong Kong ke, mna ke". alhamdulillah, i dpt g Australia and Singapore. once my aunt told me, "asyk g Indon je. pegi la buat umrah". alhamdulillah, i dpt g wt umrah, and visited beautiful places (& meet nice people) in Syria and Jordan.
i can't tell which trip gave me the most memorable moment. to be frank, each trip has been special. d places i've visited... the people who went with me (walaupun ada trip yg i g sorg2)... the people i met during the trip... the pictures taken... crazy things done during the trip... all of it, semuaaaaaaanye special.
moment plg syahdu of course la when i went for umrah. moment plg berjimba, g Singapore. moment plg rs mcm sgt adult sekali, msa g Jogja to accompany my cousin for the oath taking ceremony. moment plg sgt suka hati berbelanja, ms g Bandung. moment plg rs mcm ratu, ms g Jakarta. moment plg rs mcm woahhhh super cool i survive sorg2, ms g Melbourne. moment plg rs mcm sgt educational visit, ms g Syria and Jordan =)
so, thank you allah for the good health given to me. with it i'm able to travel with ease. thank you allah for the people whom have accompanied me on each trip. with them i'm able to enjoy my time. thank you allah for the adorable people whom i've met during each trip. from them i learnt things that i've never known. thank you allah for the money that you have given me. with it, i'm able to travel, see all the things you've created, and buy things/souvenirs for family and friends and myself. thank you. thank you. thank you.
.should i renew my pasport for just another year, or 5 years straight?

~ Big Bad Wolf: super monstrous book sale ~

the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Sale is in town from 7 to 23 December 2012. for those yg belum tau, it's not an event utk menjual musang besar lg jahat, muahahaha. this is a super craaaaazy sale utk sang peminat buku. siapa yg thp kegilaan membeli membaca buku adalah tinggi, sila dtg to the Mines Convention Centre utk menambah koleksi buku utk dibaca. for more info, go to their facebook page here.
btw, i just received these books from Lazada. my 2nd online purchase from them last week.
oh yeah, i still have many unread books bersepah2 dlm bilik i... tepi katil, dlm cabinet, ats katil.  and thinking of going to the BBW this weekend, so how? nnt pastinye akn membeli lg buku walaupun de byk lg yg blom bc. kalo xbeli apa2 kt BBW tu confirm lh bangga giller la. but i know, that's kind of impossible, ahakssss....
.lets visit Big Bad Wolf.

Monday, December 17, 2012

~ book: The Magic ~

"I started out giving thanks for small things, and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased. That's because what you focus on expands, and when you focus on the goodness in your life, you create more of it. Opportunities, relationships, even money flowed my way when I learned to be grateful no matter what happened in my life."
Oprah Winfrey (B. 1954)
Media Personality and Businesswoman
(source: The Magic, p. 250)
Thank you "The Magic" for shedding lights on important aspect in our life, which is to practice gratitude. Thank you for putting some sense in me. Thank you for being an inspiration to me (and surely to others as well). Thank you, thank you, thank you.
"and (remember) when your Lord proclaimed: 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you (in favor); but if you are ungrateful verily My punishment is severe.'" ~ Qur'an (14:7)
.take time to be grateful.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

~ 6 months today ~

dear handbeg,
u have been with me for 6 months today.
thank you for being a useful item for me...especially with your size that allows me to keep all my important things... wallet, handfone, makeup pouch, Touch&Go, business card holder, pen, small notebook, sticky note, house keys, staff card, camera, handphone charger (not always included) & of course my story book (s). (** knp senarai sudah buat beg jd seperti 7Eleven bergerak???).
thank you for being a good company =) thank you for being a useful item during my recent work trip to Penang =) thank you to those involved in the production line to make you sturdy enough to keep all my important items =) may you remain tough to face the challenging weather, especially now with the rainy season.
~ your grateful owner ~

Saturday, December 15, 2012

~ online business ~

i was blog hopping (& melompat from one website/facebook to another) dan terjumpa la kenkwn i yg skrg dh jadi usahawan berjaya. wowwww, hebaaattt!!!
to make one important decision, moving from the daily 9 to 5 job (or 8.30 to 5.30 job, like mine) to being a full time WAHM bkn la 1 decision yg mudah. now dh ada kemudahan online shop/online boutique/online this-and-that, which is good. sape yg btul2 bertekad, mmg bgs la wt online business fulltime. ada gk yg wt online business utk generate side income. x kesah la whether they r doing online business on full time basis or just to generate side income, yg pntg kna btul2 usaha gigih. & then yakin yg rezki tu dr Allah. siapa usaha, insyaallah dpt gnjarannya.
zmn i kecik2 dulu, ms zmn xde mnda2 online ni, i tlg my late aunty jual kuih kt pasar malam. i tlg jg gerai, bungkus2 kuih bila org nk beli. most of d time i dpt kuih free sbgi upah, hehehe. & then ms zmn skolah, i tlg my parents berniaga... business jual kuih bangkit utk generate side income for the family menjelang Hari Raya. disbbkn ms tu i ni xde skil sgt nk promote brg, so i wt krja2 blkg tabir jelah...prodctn line... tukg bungkus-membungkus & packing2. nk jual, kita serahkn pd yg pakar. alhamdulillah rezki jual kuih ms tu kira ok.
now, bila dh de mnda2 online, i tak la pulak de creativity utk menjual apa2. setakat tlg2 promo business by family/friends jelah through this blog. hakikatnye, smpi skrg pn i stil lg xbrp ada skil nk promote brg =)
so, here's wishing congratulations to Ernie on being a businesswoman now. creative dia ni. sila la sila go to her blog to see some creative works. totemo kawaiii des =) or, di zmn semua org ada facebook skrg ni (while i hv yet to create my own facebook account, hehehehe), u can visit her facebook by clicking this link.
.smoga allah tambahkan rezki utk semua org yg buat business.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

~ twelve-twelve-twelve ~

12 good tips to share on 121212. all tips are found here:-

by the way, Lazada is offering 12% discount (or more) on ALL books, only for today (12.12.12). go get 'em books now, before the clock strikes 12. i've ordered mine & will b waiting for the delivery. consider that as late birthday presents for myself =)

Monday, December 10, 2012

~ menguasai bahasa (kanak-kanak) ~

i was helping my mom recently dgn kerja2 mem"blend" cili. jst so happened ada bdk kecik dlm umh i masa tu. lps bdk tu dtg kt i (to hv a look at what i was doing), dia g kt mak dia & said:-
"ma, aunty tgh buat pedas"
new vocab for d day:-
blend cili (verb) = buat pedas (verb)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

~ home is where the heart is ~

~ pulang ~ 
~ bergaya ~
and taking with me exciting info on ...
.enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

~ doing charity ~

"we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" - Winston Churchill

recently, there was a talk being organized at our office about what's happening in Palestine and Gaza. sambil2 dgr talk, d speaker who is from Viva Palestina Malaysia group tnjk gmbr2 yg diorg amik while they were at Palestine. looking at those pictures, i can't help but felt sedih cz xtau cmne nk jd dgn nasib diorg... tanah sndiri asyk kna bom je, mna lg nk lari. Viva Palestina Malaysia joins the other volunteers from other parts of the world to help people of Palestine, especially kids and the women, to hv a better life, albeit temporarily.

if u hv any intention to help the Palestine people, u can do so by being a volunteer and/or making donation seikhlasnye. Viva Palestina Malaysia has set up an account if you would like to donate cash. u cn get the info from here.

another organization whereby u cn donate cash is Mercy Malaysia.

u can decide where your donation should go to. at the moment, there's 9 different funds that you can choose from to make your donation, including MERCY Malaysia Flood Relief Fund, Syria Relief Fund, Palestine Relief Fund, and Yasmin Ahmad Children Fund. if you want to donate to MERCY Malaysia via online banking, u'll b able to do so by following the 3 simple steps in their page. and if u haven't noticed, "All cash donations are tax deductible (applicable only to donations made within Malaysia)" has been circled there.

.your contribution can change their world.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

~ seminar (1st day) ~

i'm away from KL now for work-related program. attending a seminar and making new friends here. as usual, d opening ceremony was held on d 1st day of the seminar.
~ apa motif amik gmbr gelas dgn air mineral pn xtau ~
6 papers have been presented on this 1st day & more good presentations are coming, insyaAllah. it's really a good opportunity 2get as much information as possible about d development/enhancement that hv been done by other institutions.
and apart from making new friends, i also meet people whom i've already known. they r those who have been helping me in my work... or, should i say, have-been-forced to help me in my work, ngehehehe...
~ ini team yg hv-been-forced to help when it comes to d machines ~
it just happened to b that i know most of d exhibitors than d participants =)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~ things to do on your birthday ~

three (simple) things u can do on your birthday:-
request for a photo with the pilot, or the co-pilot... they won't reject your request. afterall it's your birthday, u can request anything u want =)
get a nice, simple meal. once it's served, be really thankful to Allah. b4 u leave d restaurant, get the cashier/restaurant owner to give u discount as it's your birthday =)
stay at a nice hotel & pamper yourself while u r there. it's your birthday & u deserve to b pampered (though u r staying there on work-related agenda)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

~ Life of Pi ~

went to watch a movie today, despite not feeling well earlier in the morning. two & a half hours b4 my friend was supposed to fetch me at home, i went to see d doctor. very bad sore throat yg menyumbang ke arah earlier symptoms of going to hv a fever. as i'm leaving for penang in 2 days time, Doc tlh bermurah hati bg d complete set of d fever-flu medicine. hah, amikkk!!! bekalan ubat ke Penang dh lgkp, so don't need to worry anymore in case i catch anothr round of sore throat/fever/flu while i was, kita ni nk berckp psl movie yg i tgk siang td, not d set of medicine yg Doc bg kt i. pfttt.
ok, sila la g tgk "Life of Pi" now showing at d cinema. u can read all d positive feedback if you google the title. 1review that i like can b found here. to me, d movie is d combination of Titanic+Narnia+Cast Away+pirates of d caribbean+eat,pray,love. 1 word to summarize it - GREAT =)
poster courtesy from this site
i adalah org yg tak pernah tgk movie in 3D. ye, saya begitu tradisional (booooo) & getting to watch this movie in 3D, GREAT tu dh jd ganda 1000. d whole story telling from d beginning when Pi was small & digelakkn by his friends (go watch this movie if nk tau knp his friends sll gelakkan dia) smpi la kpd his experience alone in d lifeboat with just a Bengal tiger being his companion (nama harimau tu cm nama manusia), all of it were done fantastically.
apart from most reviews ckp citer ni best, d reviews also suggest that u watch this movie in 3D. basically, mmg berbaloi to watch "Life of Pi" in 3D. sila tgk.