Monday, March 24, 2014

~ now trending: matluthfi ~

I sat in front of the television one day, watched the news on the missing flight MH370 & saw a "Kini Trending" segment... that's when I know about a youtube channel by matluthfi. for those of you who haven't heard (or watched) it, u r not alone because................ I just knew about this guy (matluthfi) sejak less than 15 hari yg lps!!! & that his videos r hilarious and he's soooo sempoi =)
when I discovered his youtube channel (lps dh tgk segment "Kini Trending" kt Awani), I had this idea to share it with my friends. you know... good stuff should b shared, right? rupa2nye, most of my friends already know about his channel & some even subscribe to it to get d latest updates/videos. seems like I la yg ter"ketinggalan" ni =(
- the "buat kepala" video yg trending -
d thing that I like about his videos is.... his style of speaking, hahahaha.
slang utagha pekat ya amat + sempoi = kelakaq.
& his facial expressions.
& his creativity. I rs there r others who do something similar... tp I still prefer matluthfi (yeahhhh!!!!)
I'm sharing with you guys now (terutama skali utk sape2 yg cm I, yg xpnah tau kewujudan matluthfi & his creative works) because I feel that u deserve a good laugh di celah2 daily stress korg...walaupun video2 klakar from matluthfi sekadar around 5minutes je. his videos make me laugh & I hope u'll hv a good laugh too.
thanks to matluthfi for adding more fun things in the world. clap-clap-clap.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

~ it's still a mystery ~

i looked back at my travelling photos and found these...

those are pictures I took when I travelled on the plane. I prefer the window seat than the aisle. thus, the opportunity to capture the beauty from up there.
.#PrayforMH370. we hope you come back safe.