Friday, November 25, 2011

what type of (best) friend are you?

When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead,
you can look beside you 
and your best friend will be there.” ~ Anonymous

this is a post yg i nk kaitkan with what i heard on radio yesterday morning. a caller citer kt deejays about her dilemma that (jeng3X) her best friend is overprotective of her. this is something yg boleh dikongsi bersama cz br2 ni de kwn yg ckp kt i "mungkin ke aku ni overprotective sgt dgn ko ye?" mari kita lihat jns2 overprotective yg kita buat (or, kita rasa kita buat) terhdp our best friend(s)...

overprotective about pemakanan
eh, bkn ke bgs de best friend cenggini? yelaaahhh... kalo kwn biasa2 tegur "eh, kau dh gemuk. cuba la kurgkn mkn" mesti rs skt ati (mesti, kn?!!! sila setuju). tp bila best friend ckp "weh, ko ni dh makin berisi aku tgk. tlg la kurgkn minum teh tarik... ais or air sejuk2 jgn minum sgt... blablabla...", trus boleh mendtgkn rs keinsafan (true?). ala, ngaku jelah... deep down in your heart (i mean, dlm hati yg DITEGUR), dia tau bahawa best friend dia yg MENEGUR tu nk dia mengamalkan gaya hidup yg sihat (ecehcehceh...)... whether it's to shed some weight, or to put on some weight. 

overprotective about penampilan
bila kuar dgn best friend & nk beli bj (contohnye), sure + confirm2 (leh kerat jari py confirm nih) akn consult dgn best friend psl bj yg nk beli tu cntk/sesuai x dgn kita. best friend dh jadi ala2 cermin kita... nk beli kasut pn ty opinion best friend (wpun size kaki best friend x sama dgn kaki sndiri). nk beli handbag pn sama. nk beli tudung/scarf pn sama. nk beli luggage pn sama (eh, luggage berkait dgn penampilan ke? ngeheeee...). best friend akn bg opinion tulus ikhlas dr hati diorg... "weh, x cantik la kt kaki ko"... "erm, kaler sgt out dgn muka ko"... "mcm x berkenan la aku tgk design tudung tu".... "lerrrr, balik2 kaler ijau/purple/orange/kuning/merah/pink/etc2 je. cuba la cari kaler lain"... tu sume akn didengari dr mulut bestfriend. mmg para pompn2 tau, ukur baju di bdn sendiri. mungkin org akn pertikaikan, "so, why bother pe best friend nk ckp? kalo sndiri suka, beli je. knp nk ikut ckp best friend?" ok, stop right there... i didn't say anything about IKUT CKP best friend, kn? i just ckp pompn2 akn CONSULT best friend, nothing being mentioned about pompn2 akn IKUT CKP best friend, hehehe. best friend cuma being overprotective & bg komen ikhlas... sama ada nk ikut or x, terpulg pd masing2.

overprotective about berkwn
best friend being BEST FRIEND... dh knl kita abis2an punya la. they know what we like/hate to wear, what we like/hate to eat, what we like/hate to do, what type of person we hate/like to meet. maka bila kita ckp "err... aku knl dgn Mr. X. ehehehe (sambil gelak gatal/gelak syaitonirrajim)", best friend akn ckp "berhati2, jgn terlalu suka cz mungkin tu fling sahaja". or, bila kita ckp "emmm... arini aku jmp dgn Mr. Y, borak2, gelak2", best friend akn cpt bg nsht "berhati2, jgn terlalu suka. aku takut ko terluka".  or, bila kita ckp "eh, arini aku jmp Mr. Z. dia ckp aku npk cantik (contoh sahaja, ok?!!)", best friend akn ckp "berhati2, jgn terperangkap dgn ayt2 manis cenggitu". yg dinasihati x rs pn kecik ati/sentap/sprti terlalu di"protect" oleh best friend cz we know that our best friend cuma concern psl kita... dats y they r called best friend =) apa2 pun, best friend akn support kita wpun 1)kita terslh pilih kwn... and 2)wpun kita dh terslh buat decision... and 3)kita decide something yg best friend tu x suka tp eventually best friend akn doakn utk kita cz dia kn best friend, hehehe....

hmmm... all d overprotective-ness listed above cuma dialami oleh pompn2 je kot. among lelaki2, agak2nye ada ke? rs cm xde. wpun x berlaku among lelaki2 (best friend lelaki & lelaki sll diskus amenda eh?), sila renung2kn ayt from the deejay:-

"a good friend will stab you from front. 
but a not-so-good friend will stab your back".

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

good game + well done

TerImA KasIH

utk hero2 bola sekalian... dan penyokong2... 

p/s: utk kwn di/dari seberang, i sokong tanah tumpah darah i. jgn keroyok i, please dong... =) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

~ tragic tragedy ~

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it" - Oscar Wilde

TRAGEDY 1: i want better system for public transportation in this country. it's to make things easier for me the people in this country to go anywhere. x yah la dekat2 pn nk kna naik keta gk. at least, have some mechanism/system that's more reliable (pleaaaasssseee!!!). menuju negara maju in the year 2020, KTM sila improve servis anda (or maybe, kita akn ada organizatn lain yg manage our public transportation system better than what we have now?). i've experienced better service in Melbourne recently. 

TRAGEDY 2: i feel more comfortable with the weather in this country. weather adalah selesa utk tahap kulit & badan i, tidak la windy sprti mahu terbang rasanye (sprti a week ago kt Melbourne). i only get it here, di bumi Malaysia... oh, sangat berterima kasih kpd pencipta =)

TRAGEDY 3: i get more chance to travel this year (syukur alhamdulillah). 

mengikut kpd falsafah Mr. Wilde sprti di atas, no.1 tu mmg btul2 tragedy... sangat2... yang amat!!! tp, no. 2&3 tu xleh cnsider as tragedy la patutnye, kn? kan?!! how can getting what we want is a tragedy eh, especially when we soooo badly want to travel? sape2 leh explain... 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Melbourne (Pt. 4)

i basically have in mind those places that i wanted to visit on my 4th day, before i took the morning flight back to Malaysia on the next day. but there's just not enough time to go to all. i had an early start... went to Queen Victoria Market for the souvenirs. this is ilke a must-visit-venue if you want to get souvenirs and lots of it are available at cheaper price. it's also the place where you can get fresh fruits, veggies, fish, meat... basically, almost everything that you need...

i was smart enough to go back to the hotel and leave all those that i have purchased at Queen Victoria Market, before continuing with the sight-seeing activities. walked a couple of blocks from the hotel and waited for the city tourist shuttle. it's a free service that allows you to tour around the city by bus and visit all the major attraction sites.
 ~ Shrine of Remembrance ~

 ~ in front of Fed. Sq ~

~ Melbourne Cricket Ground ~

 ~ Old Treasury Building ~

had lunch with my former schoolmates. we tried the Indian cuisine and then went to get some coffee (i chose light hot chocolate instead). followed them to Malaysia Hall for a short rest and solat. then, we went to Victorian School for Deaf Children, before we took the tram back to the city centre. i thought of heading straight back to the hotel, but as it was Thursday (shops closed a lil' bit later than on Mondays - Wednesdays) & i still have enough time, i couldn't stop myself from entering one of the bookshops (books at this particular shop are generally cheaper than in Malaysia. so, go grab 'em!!! hahahaha....).
~ Victorian School for Deaf Children ~

to end the day, a great dinner at Madam Kays was all i needed. nasi goreng nenas & latte have never tasted better =)

Melbourne (Pt. 3)

my 3rd day in Melbourne... d only day that i had a proper Malaysian breakfast - Nasi Lemak!!! yeayyyy!!! (*yeah, not-very-adventurous-me opted for nasi lemak). i don't need to be at the conference venue very early, so i had ample time to just relax and enjoy my nasi lemak... what a great way to start the day =)

*spot the difference major accomplishment here ... hahaha*

after the closing ceremony and thank-you's and goodbyes, i went for some churros with a friend. for someone who have never heard of churros before, i was glad that i decided to try out this snack (other options given were macaroon and cupcakes).

~ churros ~
the day continued with the same friend brought me to Victoria State Library and RMIT Uni Library. the weather was kind to me, it's warmer. so no need for multiple layers of clothing. i took the opportunity to continue with my walking-around-the-city activity... being impressed by the city and absorbing all that i can in such a short evening. dinner for that night? naaaahhhh... enough churros to save me until the next day for another round of donut and coffee, hahahaha...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Melbourne (Pt. 2)

my 2nd day at Melbourne started off with rain in d morning. i mmg x berpayung (mengikut sprti dinasihatkn by a friend) maka meredah je ujan dgn berlari2an.

2 hari juga cross simpang dkt dgn hotel & beli coffee & 2 ketul donut for breakfast. d girl yg jg shift pg tu sure dh leh expect kehadiran i to that 7-eleven.. dan utk hari2 berikutnye pn sure akn beli breakfast kt 7-eleven tu gk selagi i lom jmp kedai yg leh bg i breakfast plg best, hehehe. i don't hv much choice here for my breakfast (for several reasons... kedai lom bkk by the time i berjln to the conference, xtau kedai mna yg i leh mkn, etc2....), so d easiest would b to get coffee and coffee and more coffee. segala usaha meng"reduce" coffee/nescafe intake sepjg thn ni sia-sia je. dh tu, xde milo (or hot choc yg meyakinkan) & dh terkena dpt tea yg agk x memenuhi citarasa tekak, so i ended up having coffee everyday for breakfast & during masa senggang masa conference.

lunch semlm adalah something yg i xpenah try b4 ni. as there are 3 Malaysian librarians (including me) yg ada special request for food, the organizer provide halal food for us. they served us risotto and prawn... xde apa yg salah pn dgn risotto tu... ada sayur, tak pedas, portion byk yg mmg lh bg org knyg. mslhnye perut&tekak i xleh nk trima sgt cz i bkn penggemar mknan ber"cheese" ni. b4 bergema perkataan MUAK dlm kpale i, baik i stop & memilih utk perabihkn seketul donut, baki yg x abis masa i beli for breakfast pg tu.

ptg smlm i g jauh sket from d city centre. the other 2 Malaysian librarians invited me to go with them for a visit to Melbourne univ. dh alang2 ada yg mengajak, i pn ikut la cz bkn sng nk g wt visit univ gah cmtu. though it was only a short visit to the univ & their preservation centre, i still think of it as 1 great experience that i have here.

blk from Melbourne univ, we stopped at one supermarket kt area2 org Arab & bought fruits. fantastic weh dpt fresh fruits... lpstu, murah giller!!! takyah la nk convert d currency to RM... tp kalo beli buah 2 jenis (6 biji) for only AUD2, x ke giller menarik tu =) kalo cmni, mmg everyday la i mkn buah... kalo lg extreme, mkn buah after every meal, hahaha... lpstu, org kt cni byk amalan gaya hidup sihat... g kerja, dressing cm jelitawan abis, yg jejaka pn gagah perkasa dgn coat, tp semua pn JLN KAKI. kalo x pn, naik basikal. kalo ptg2 tu, ada je yg jogging around d city... bygkn org jogging kt Jln. TAR, hahaha... dkt park, ramai la bersenam, berjogging, buat aktivit2 yg sihat je... dan buah2an yg murah... mmg la gaya idup sihat kt cni.

skrg dh hbt sket naik tram. dh lh phm d route & familiar with d road signs (juga traffic light). on Monday, i naik bus cz still x familiar sgt. i took a different bus dr pe yg dh print kt Msia & ended up terturun awl 2 stations rsnye jst bcz takut terlps to another statn yg lg jauh. pg smlm cm dh pndi sket, so g Marriott (conference venue) naik tram. turun kt Bourke St/Exhibition St, jln kaki around 5minit, dh smpi Marriott. nt kamis nk explore d city using tram&bus yg free... it will stop at various tourist attractions & i lh turun/continue to another venue yg i nk. harus buat plan awl utk berjln keliling Melbourne city before i pulg on Friday.

nk ltk video abg Jepun menyanyi kt tgh city, mcm lma je nk upload. nt la, kalo smpt i edit2, nt i tnjk gmbr abg tu wt buskers eh... giller cool.

till then, luvs & hugs from Melbourne =)

Melbourne (Pt. 1)

the pre-conference was held two days ago, with the participants attended the session for the product that they are using. as for me, i attended the same pre-conference session with another librarian from Univ. Malaya and another guy who came from Penang but has migrated to Australia for quite some time.

after d pre-conference session ended, that guy (an uncle actually) voluntarily gave me a guided tour around the city... just to familiarize myself with the streets and areas. we covered some parts of the city such as Federation Sq., Queen Victoria Market (though it was closed), Flinders Street Station and walked to many other different landmarks. i tried to absorb as much information as possible about the places but i can never do so when there was toooooooo many things to see around the city.

we then attended the welcoming drink session organized by the organizr but i did not stay long. met a friend who is studying here at Melbourne and we walked to a small and cosy Indonesian restaurant called Blok M. we then W-A-L-K-E-D passed the shopping malls (ye...berjln shj) and absorbed the beautiful scenery of the city at night. while waiting for a tram to head back to my hotel, we met another Malaysian couple who wanted to know the places at the city that they can go during that hour. unfortunately, the shops are all closed at around 6pm (including the restaurants).

i am enjoying the city... though my fitness level is being tested to its maximum as a result of all the walking around the city. it's cold in the morning but it gets warmer in the evening. people are nice and i'm looking forward to explore the city more on Thursday (the only day that i can have a whole-day tour and walking around CBD). still figuring out the way to go around the city using trams/buses... but no worries, with the combination of good people and weather and enough food, i won't complaint, hahaha...

till then...

Monday, November 7, 2011

safe & sound

i'm here, in Melbourne... yes, reached here last night. dgn gaya cm pnh cnfiden (wpn ni 1st time sbnrnye smpi cni) sebelah tgn menarik luggage bsr&sebelah tgn pgg peta & mata membc peta kt Southern Cross Station di tgh mlm. hbt x i? =) ppl here have been good to me. tgh mlm td de couple ni (d wife is Malaysian&hsbnd dia australian) mcm agk cncrn tgk i sorg2 & they were nice to accompany me smpi ke dpn hotel.

today, after d conference, de la sorg Malaysian yg dh migrate to australian ni bw i pusg2 d city... berjln kaki & naik tram. menarik.

td gk de welcoming drinks. i sorg je Melayu kt ctu, so they were quite concrn about me cz menjaga apa2 yg xptt dimkn or minum.

basically, things are going well...ppl are is cold (utk thp i yg xtahan sejuk ni la).

will update more later as i'm meeting a friend for dinner... roti canai kah, nasik goreng kah, apa kah menu i mlm ni ye? =)