Monday, June 24, 2013

~ gloomy monday ~

taken from d same spot, dari tingkap ofis (mizz nina dh x kelihatan kt Ambank building):-

24 June 2013 - 7.31 a.m
24 June 2013 - 9.44 a.m

hoping that d current situation will get better... soon.
.take care.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

~ it's now 4+1 ~

assalamualaikum...hai... ye, tetiba i mengupdet blog. tetiba TERada mcm2 mnda nk tulis, though mostly menda yg nk ditulis adalah crap. haihh.
ok, i've been wanting to update but then tired-ness & busy-ness & malas-ness are always a trio. those r d reasons why i keep on delaying to mention that my sister (d 1 and only sister) just got married. yeah, today dh 19-days dia official menjadi isteri org (semoga dipnjgkn jodohnya, amiiiiinnn).
people have been asking me how is it like to have a brother-in-law now. jwpnnye mudah, "BEST". i'm happy that my sister finds her other half, walaupun dlm hati sanubari de rs lost sket. yelah, dh tu je d only sibling that i have. bila dia dh kawen, of course la rs lost cz skrg she has to divide her time for 2 families. tp brother-in-law's house is just 10-minutes driving from ours, so takyah ngade nk rs lost sgt la heh.
at home, we r always (most of d times) shorthanded dgn tenaga lelaki cz there's only my dad, d only man dlm umah ni. nk hrpkn d 3-ladies in d house (me, my sister & my mom), hmmmph. my mom dh mencecah umur warga emas (u won't believe it), my sister mmg sntiasa bersemangat excited nk buat mcm2. i mmg dikenali umum sbgi lembik kt opis, kalo kt umah apatah lg. i hv to admit, there are tasks yg kalo pompn yg buat will take hours to complete. tp kalo dgn tenaga lelaki, d same task ends a lot sooner. so bila dh ada brother-in-law, rs la yg ada extra help that we can rely on. tp idok le smpi thp nk vacuum karpet pn nk srh abg ipar yg buat, tu mmg la mengada tu.
it's nice to have additional member in our small family. dulu ber4, skrg dh 5. dulu my sister single, now she's a married woman. syukur to allah that He brings both of them together. may they have blissful life together as husband and wife. congratulations to my sister.
p/s: gmbr adalah courtesy dr henfon my friend sbb as d bride's sister, i busy u. muahahaha.