Sunday, August 24, 2014

~ we mourn ~

we mourn the tragic incident of flight MH17. it is with very heavy heart that we have to say "goodbye" to the victims in this way. we don't know them directly, nevertheless we still feel the lost as they were our fellow Malaysians, our "family".
as for me, it's saddening to know that one of the victims was my junior at school. during those days, we didn't talk much but she was a closed friend to my juniors in my dorm. so when the news spread after sahur last month on my whatsapp group that "Shazana" was the flight attendant on board the flight that was shot down, I was stunned. her friends/my juniors will have a hard time to let go of such as "happy-go-lucky" and bubbly friend. her picture that's shown on newspapers with her bright smile, well that's who she was in person. at least that's how i still remember her, a girl with a bright smile.
Shazana, I knew you when you were in Form 1 (i was in Form 3 at that time). you were good friend to my dormmates and other juniors (your same batch) at my block (go, go Dang Anum). a friendly and happy-go-lucky girl, u'll definitely be missed by many of us. Ya Allah, semoga rohnya sentiasa dicucuri rahmat.
p/s: let's pray that the other victims will be identified and be brought back to Malaysia.

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