Monday, March 2, 2015

~ knowledge seeking activities ~

have not been updating for quite some time sbb nothing interesting to update. very low-key lifestyle + social life not so huhuhaha + been re-adjusting here and there.
Anyways, just want to share some knowledge that I've gained from two religious talks that I've attended in December 2014 and last month (February 2015). Alhamdulillah, badan sihat and umur panjang to sit and listen to reminders from the speakers.
Twins of Faith Conference 2014
it was 2-day conference, packed with talks and workshops on the unseen world (tema adalah "World of the Unseen"). we listened to topics about angels, syaitan/jin, the hellfire (neraka), the jannah (syurga), the day of judgement, the Qadr, and many more. sangat, sangat, sangat berilmiah. the two topics that I like the most adalah about the Angels (Malaikat) and the Jannah (syurga). smbil dgr speaker berckp, smbil tu berangan about betapa cantiknye & bestnye syurga tu. tapi bak kata Sheikh yg bg talk about Jannah ni:-
"we'll enter Jannah through Allah's mercy" ~ Sh. Yahya Ibrahim
kalau rasa2 diri byk buat amal, jgn terus rs "aku byk buat amalan ni, CONFIRM masuk syurga". jangan ye ada rs cmtu sbbnye nak masuk syurga tu is with Allah's mercy/rahmat Allah. byk2 berdoa supaya kita sntiasa dpt rahmat Allah + amalan2 kita tu akn diterima utk kita masuk syurga. Amin.
and Sheikh yg bg talk pasal Angels ckp:-
"there's also angel who looks up at Allah's throne without blinking" ~ Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury
so, Malaikat apakah itu... yg pndg kpd Allah tnpa berkelip? itulah Israfil, peniup sangkakala. nak tau sbb apa tak berkelip? sbb, Israfil awaits the command from Allah utk tiup sangkakala pertama. bila Allah kata tiup je, terus Israfil akan tiup & semua menda kt alam ni akn hancur. begitulah taatnye Malaikat sebagai makhluk ciptaan Allah.
Marriage Conference 2015
it's a 1-day conference, lg padat & berlari2an la nk follow talk & workshop at different rooms kt PICC tu. it's typical for ppl to think that this conference is meant for org2 yg di alam perkahwinan je. No, no, no... walaupn namanye MARRIAGE conference, yg blom kawen pn leh join, yg dh kawen & berpisah (sbb kematian or perceraian) pn leh join. the points delivered by the speakers/panels ada yg berkaitan dgn our life sbgi INDIVIDU. bak kata Sheikh yg ckp about Broken Hearts:-
"the only one who'll never disappoint you is Allah" ~ Sh. Omar Suleiman
mksdnye, even if you are facing difficulties/disappoinmnt, your response twrds the prblm/issue should be smthg that will mean "I'll please Allah". nk tau sebab apa? sbb, dlm kita tgh susah/berduka, Allah will never disappoint us if we put Him first. if our heart is filled with Allah, we'll be able to respond to the hardship better. see? ni kn nasihat utk semua org as INDIVIDU.
kita ni bkn tak tahu, tp as human we need constant reminders to improve ourselves. jgn be judgmental to others and don't worry too much about nk jg/maintain our reputation. ada bgsnye ada social media nowadays. tp bila social media jd platform for us to b jdgmntl of others and also we become more and more conscious utk nk maintain our own reputation, itu dh jd tak perlu lg dh. ni nsht from Prof. Muhaya herself ye (she was one of the speakers). org yg worry too much abt what others think of him/her, that's the sign that you are an ego-conscious person. ni pn Prof. Muhaya yg ckp.  and when Prof Muhaya asked the audience, "who here doesn't have Facebook account?", wanna guess who put up her hand? (correct answer: saya la tu, hehehehe.)
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