Monday, March 9, 2015

~ what's your note taking method? ~

A) pen&paper?
B) laptops?
C) smartphones?
D) other gadgets?

which from d above that u use d most when u r taking notes? I prefer taking notes using pen/pencil & paper. no doubt smartphones nowadays are smart. u can use ur smartphones to scribble, draw arrows to connect similar points, draw lightbulbs/stars to mark important points, etc2. but I still prefer pen & paper.
my notes
I actually read an article recently about note taking. that's how i got the idea to write this entry. you can read the article here (source:
I'm not saying whether i agree or disagree with the points and findings in the article. to me what's important is to write (or draw, when necessary). I've been trained that "taking note is important". it doesn't matter whether on paper, or using smartphones, tablets, etc2. "taking note is important". just so happen that I prefer to do my own note taking using pen/pencil and paper. and in my uni days, students bring notebooks and pen/pencil to class because laptop blom cukup byk masa zmn tu (sape la nk bw PC g class, kn?). and the phones students use were just basic handphone - to make call and send SMSes. so, we took our notes dgn pen/pensel + notebook.
& sometimes i draw when the points involve diagram. still, using pen/pencil and paper =)
i am not against taking notes using laptops/smartphones/tablets, etc2. but i have issue when people don't write anything when i teach them smthg (this is already work-related). or, when they don't draw diagrams bila keadaan memerlukan lukisan diagram (also work-related). or, when in a discussion with a vendor and the vendor, thinking that it's just a DISCUSSION, do not write down anything that we were discussing (again, work-related).
sekarang i ada additional device bila i gi meeting. when i go to a meeting yg i rs important, i'll borrow a recorder from my colleague to record whatever it is we are discussing + at the same time i tulih the points in my notebook. in case i missed out any points from the discussion, i still have the recorded discussion to refer to.
tak kesah la apa cara pun, janji "taking note is important".
I'm still traditional - set calendar dlm notebook (mirror it from calendar in my PC).
p/s: I'm not for or against the article and the comments given by the other readers.

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