Thursday, June 11, 2015

~ Singapore - work-related ~

I just got back from Spore. travelled for work this time around.
I attended a 2-day conference on Monday & Tuesday. Then had meetings at IRAS & NTU yesterday. I find the conference and meetings very beneficial. there are techniques that I think can be applied and many info that I've never heard b4. my schedule was quite packed, but I managed to meet up with my friends who are working in Spore, just to do some catching up with each other. de-stressor =)
the organizer of the conference arranged for the international delegates/participants to stay at Park Avenue Rochester. the condition of the hotel/room is at least according to my preference (apa sgt nk preference beriye pun sekadar dok kt bilik bila mlm je, hahaha). it's not really located at the centre/heart of Singapore so it's quieter around the area. the hotel is connected to Rochester Mall. from outside, look's like there's nothing much at the mall (xmasuk lgsg pn sbb from outside pn mcm xbyk kedai bkk). ada la a few restaurants/café opened but musykil nk mkn, so takyah la masuk.

you don't need to worry about getting Halal food if you stay at this hotel 'cz Star Vista mall is very near to Park Avenue Rochester (5 minutes walking). I can see the mall from my room, so mmg consider dekat la kan =) you'll find nearly 10 Halal food outlets at this mall, such as Papa Rich, Nandos, Manhattan Fish Market, etc2. just look for the Halal logo from Singapore religious body - MUIS. by the way, iron & ironing board, flatscreen TV, free wifi, telephone, safe box, coffee/tea/mineral water/kettle/2 mugs and spoons & fridge are available in the room. I brought my own snacks and 3-in-1 drinks, in case I got hungry during odd hours/b4 I could find Halal food outlet. so I don't really mind not having anything in the fridge =)
the room
Star Vista Mall from my hotel room
getting around Singapore is easy if you stay at this hotel. the East-West Line MRT (Bugis station) is just next to Star Vista mall. if you refer to the Star Vista Mall image above, it's the building on your right hand side. so, it's about 10 minutes walking from the hotel (10 minutes yg x terasa lama pn). you can also get the Circle Line from this station. I don't have trouble getting cab 'cz I got help from the hotel. but if you are adventurous, can try to hail a cab on your own, taxi stand is not that far as well.
if you ask me whether I'm gonna stay again at this hotel the next time I come to Spore, I would say YES but with a condition. for my own holiday/vacation/jalan2 to Singapore, I think I might hv to save some money in advance if I choose to stay at the hotel. depending on the season (peak or normal) and also room type, the room rate is affordable/OK to some people but a little bit pricey to others (like me). as this is working trip, the company is paying for the stay =) so, for next holiday/vacation to Singapore, it's either I'm doing some saving in advance OR there's someone who would be kind to pay for my stay here. at the moment, it seems that some saving is required on my part, hihihi.
I wish to come again, Singapore =)

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